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EE Richardson

EE Richardson has been writing books since she was eleven years old, and had her first novel The Devil’s Footsteps picked up for publication at the age of twenty. Since then she’s had seven more young adult horror novels published by Random House and Barrington Stoke. Under the Skin was her first story aimed at adults. She also has a B.Sc. in Cybernetics and Virtual Worlds, which hasn’t been useful for much but does sound impressive.


Ritual Crime Unit: Disturbed Earth

Released 9 April 2015

By EE Richardson

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A tough, hard-nosed career officer in the male-dominated world of British policing, DCI Claire Pierce of North Yorkshire Police heads Northern England's underfunded and understaffed Ritual Crime Unit.

Injured in the line of duty, DCI Claire Pierce returns to work to find a new detective challenging her authority. He has brought in a self-proclaimed necromancer to question the victim of a murder, there's a coven of druids outside protesting the sale of their sacred site, and something in the evidence room has just sent out a signal.

Pierce is going to have to hit the ground running. A suspected ritual murder and a string of puzzling artefact thefts initially seem unconnected, but signs point to something bigger: buried skulls possessed by evil spirits start turning up, and they may only be the beginning.

Someone is planning something big, and the consequences if they succeed could be catastrophic. With a rebellious second-in-command, an inexperienced team, and a boss who only cares about potential bad publicity, Pierce has to make the connections and stop the ritual before it's too late...

Following on from E. E. Richardson’s Ritual Crime Unit: Under the Skin eNovella, Ritual Crime Unit: Disturbed Earth is the brand-new standalone novel in this new world from Abaddon Books, offering the perfect starting point for readers.  Set in the North of England, amongst its industrial cities and famous wild landscape this is a breath of fresh air in amongst the London-obsessed pages of contemporary British urban fantasy.

Richardson has skilfully weaved together a gritty new urban fantasy world headed up by the wonderfully realised DCI Claire Pierce; this is Northern Prime Suspect in world in which magic – half-mistrusted, half-discredited – needs to be policed, and unfortunately for DCI Pierce it would seem she’s the only one up to the job…

UK: 9781781083147 | April 9th 2015
US: 9781781083154 | April 7th 2015


Ritual Crime Unit: Spirit Animals

Released 14 July 2016

By EE Richardson

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After fourteen years of silence, a ritualistic serial killer the RCU once failed to catch has resurfaced.

Now there have been more deaths, and if DCI Pierce’s information is correct, there are at least two more to come. Last time, Pierce’s superiors had insisted she hunt for a supernatural killer she knows doesn’t exist; the media had a field day, and the “Vampire Killer” became the subject of a best-selling book. This time she’s determined to find and stop the human culprit before it’s too late

UK ISBN: 9781781084779
US ISBN: 9781781084786


Ritual Crime Unit: Under the Skin

Released 23 September 2013

By EE Richardson

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A tough, hard-nosed career officer in the male-dominated world of British policing, DCI Claire Pierce of North Yorkshire Police heads Northern England’s underfunded and understaffed Ritual Crime Unit. Ignored by the traditional police, struggling with an out-sized caseload, Pierce is about to tackle her most shocking case so far.

Following reports of unlicensed shapeshifters running wild in the Dales, DCI Pierce leads a failed raid to capture the skinbinder responsible. While the dust is still settling, a team from Counter Terrorism turns up and takes the case off her. Pursuing the case off the record, she uncovers something murkier and more terrible than she suspected. Has her quarry achieved the impossible and learned to bind human skin?

UK: limited edition print 9781781082577 | 23rd September 2013