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Paul Starkey

Paul Starkey lives in Nottingham. He’s wanted to be a writer since he was ten years old and has been writing furiously for the last fifteen years (seriously, he’s really angry). He’s been published in the UK, USA and Australia and has written five novels, several of which he’s self-published, along with a short story collection. He likes to flit between genres and usually mashes them together (spy thriller set in a haunted house, check). He enjoys the cinema, reading and quiet walks through 19th Century Whitechapel.

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The Lazarus Conundrum

Released 6 November 2015

By Paul Starkey

In a world where the dead routinely return to life, the most shocking mystery is when someone doesn’t.

Detective Inspector Helen Ogilvy is called to the scene of a murder. A young woman named Trinity Brown has been shot in the chest, and she’s stayed dead.

The potential end to the zombie affliction should be a huge positive, but for a future UK teetering on the brink of becoming a police state, a country where healthcare has never been so well funded because lower mortality rates equal fewer zombies, the truth behind Trinity Brown’s non-resurrection has the potential to cause chaos, which is why a shadowy Government figure has persuaded Helen’s boss to keep a lid on what’s happened, at least for the moment.

Now Helen has two days to solve two mysteries. Who killed Trinity Brown, and why did she stay dead?