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4 years ago

Hey all,

So some news! You may remember that last year we had a karaoke night at Fantasycon. You may even remember that we had one way back in 2010 at the metal club around the corner. A great time was had by all both times, and last year Mr. Lee Harris asked us to do it again!

Twice is a coincidence and three times is a tradition, so here's to Abaddon's third traditional Fantasycon Karaoke night!

This year it'll be at 8pm on the Friday night in the main bar in the Atrium, until they stop us (I think 11pm). Your MCs for the night will be Mr. Rob Power and Mr. David Moore, and we will be cueing up your song requests and incidentally maybe shredding the goddam mic once or twice ourselves.*

It's also part of our ongoing tenth birthday celebrations, so we'll have some balloons up, we'll be honouring Mr. Jon Oliver's ten years in genre publishing, we may even bring cake.**

But if you follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook, you already knew this. I'm posting today not just to whet the appetite, but with these two bits of extraspecial karaokeliciousness:


Yes, you heard me, goddammit. Here are the song lists! Now you can look through the selections in advance, and choose your song at leisure (please no bookings in advance, though; just you come along and book your songs on the night like everyone else).

By Artist Name

By Song Title


But, dammit, there's more!

Pictured: Impulse Buying

That's right, we got so excited about this we just went online and bought some extra songs of our own to play. So as well as all the songs on the downloadable lists above, you can choose any of the following:

  • Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein
  • Alison Krauss - It Doesn't Matter
  • The Automatic - Monster 
  • Beetlejuice/Harry Belafonte - Jump In The Line
  • Black Lab - Keep Myself Awake
  • The Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper
  • Bobby "Borris" Picket & The Crypt Kickers - Monster Mash
  • Buffy Musical/Amber Benson - Under Your Spell
  • Buffy Musical/Emma Caulfield & Nicolas Brendan - I'll Never Tell
  • Buffy Musical/James Marsters - Rest In Peace
  • Buffy Musical/Sarah Michelle Gellar - Overture/Going Through The Motions
  • Buffy Musical/Sarah Michelle Gellar & James Marsters - Something To Sing About
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost TV Show - Casper The Friendly Ghost
  • Charlie Daniels - The Devil Went Down To Georgia
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put A Spell On You
  • Curve - Chinese Burn 
  • The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You 
  • Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf
  • The Eagles - Witchy Woman
  • Four Star Mary - Pain
  • Garbage - Temptation Waits
  • Hepburn - I Quit 
  • Japan - Ghosts
  • Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
  • Michael Jackson - Thriller
  • Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You 
  • Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
  • Sarah McLachlan - Prayer of Saint Francis
  • The Sundays - Wild Horses
  • Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

Dibs on Werewolves of London. See you next Friday!



*This is literally the whole reason we're doing this. It's all about an audience, baby.

**We probably won't bring cake.