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Nominate Abaddon books for the BSFA Awards

3 years ago

The nominations are now open for the BSFA Awards, which is clearly the perfect time to mention all of Abaddon’s eligible titles. Because we like awards very much. They’re all shiny and stuff.

There are three categories – Best Novel, Best Artwork and Best Sort Fiction. Basically all our titles are eligible for Best Artwork (we’ve strategically placed a couple of covers below to jog your memory), and you’ll see the books suited for the other categories listed below, all convenient like...

Best Novel

Hunter of Sherwood: The Red Hand, Toby Venables
No Man’s World Omnibus Edition, Pat Kelleher
Ritual Crime Unit: Disturbed Earth, EE Richardson
Weird Space: The Baba Yaga, Eric Brown and Una McCormack

Best Short Fiction Award

The Afterblight Chronicles: Flaming Arrow, Paul Kane
The Case of the Tattooed Bride, Jamie Wyman
A Study in Starlets, Gini Koch
Invaders From Beyond!: Midnight in the Garden Centre of Good and Evil, Colin Sinclair
Gods and Monsters: Rupert Wong, Cannibal Chef, Cassandra Khaw
Tomes of the Dead: The Lazarus Conundrum, Paul Starkey
The Afterblight Chronicles: Fall Out, Simon Guerrier
Judge Anderson, Rookie: The Abyss, Alec Worley

So, f you’re a member of the BSFA, head over to the official BSFA website and nominate your choices for the 2015 award. And, no pressure, but if you don’t nominate all our books we’ll have to seriously re-evaluate our friendship. OK?