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Abaddon announcement and kazoo-based fun at Nine Worlds

4 years ago

Are you heading to Nine Worlds this weekend? Because we are going to be out in force, bringing the sort of Friday night that dreams* are made of.

First and foremost, we shall be making An Announcement. The best place to hear said Announcement is to attent the talk entitled Be Weird, ????, Get Deals - Improve your life with dystopian Twitter birthday fiction, to be held in room Royal B from 8:30pm.

Immediately following said talk, from 9:15pm, we'll be colonising Royal B and gathering together some of our authors, a bit of booze and as much chat as we can muster for a Rebellion Publishing bash of potentially epic proportions.

Join us, pick our brains about all things Abaddon, and talk the toot until the morning comes. It'll be a blast.

Don't forget to check out the full con schedule over at the official Nine Worlds website, and we shall see you there...

*You know, the ones where you're falling and you can't breath and you're wearing a carrot fancy dress costume and OH GOD MAKE IT STOP.