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Announcement: Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets B

5 years ago

Holmes and Watson are on the trail once again in our next Abaddon Classics title!

Following the commercial and critical success of 2014’s Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets anthology of Holmesian SFF original fiction, we are delighted that Holmes and Watson will once again be stepping out across time and space, in a new collection entitled Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets B.

Abaddon Books editor David Thomas Moore has invited back three of the creators from the first anthology – Jamie Wyman, Gini Koch and Glen Mehn – to revive their characters in thirty-thousand-word novellas, revisiting and exploring the worlds they created in more depth. Starting on June 23rd and pushing forward at two month intervals each novella will publish initially in eBook format with the collected physical edition planned for early 2016.

Speaking on the project Moore has said - actually what Moore said wasn't entirely printable so went for a take two and got this - “Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets was a highlight of my young [ED: "young"] career, bringing together some amazing talents to produce some fantastic stories on a topic close to my heart. I’m ecstatic to be returning to the great detective’s rather untidy office (or caravan), and to see more of these wonderful worlds. The gritty, atmospheric carnival of Jamie’s ‘Hobohemia,’ the up-to-the-minute glitz of Gini’s ‘Single Ladies’ and the sweetly soulful counterculture scene of Glen’s ‘Half There/All There’ drew me relentlessly in, and they were all brilliant authors to work with.”

The collection will include the following works:

The Case of the Tattooed Bride, by Jamie Wyman, 23rd June 2015.

Winter, and the Soggiorno Brothers’ Traveling Wonder Show has  pulled into its berth in Peru, Indiana; Sanford “Crash” Haus, proprietor and genius, and his friend, surgeon and retired soldier Jim “Dandy” Walker, are looking forward to a quiet few months. But then the Show’s old manager, Professor Sylvestri, comes into town, his ward in tow, and happily, too, because the Strong Man and the Tattooed Lady have just announced their betrothal, and the good Professor happens to be a minister. Preparations for the happy day begin, but it seems violence and misfortune attend on them...

A Study in Starlets, by Gini Koch, 25th August 2015.

Sherlock Holmes and her new partner Dr. John Watson are settling in as roommates and consulting detectives in their new home in Los Angeles, when TV producers Joey Jackson and Tony Antonelli come to call. Their partner, Cliff Camden, has disappeared without a trace on the eve of filming for the new show. The LAPD aren’t interested and Watson has his own reasons for not getting involved, but Holmes takes the case. She’s just getting to grips with the case, amidst the grumbling crew, the neurotic actors and the low-level sleaze that permeates the city, when a fresh murder turns everything on its head...

Title to be announced, by Glen Mehn, 27th October 2015.

A third novella by Glen Mehn, based on his story “Half There/All There,” set in the drug-steeped, experimental world of Warhol’s Factory, will see Holmes and Watson exploring a mystery amidst the complex, emerging social, cultural and racial issues – and the fierce (and sometimes violent) changes – of the late ’sixties.

Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets B is the latest anthology collection in Abaddon Books new Abaddon Classics series, which takes inspiration from much loved and popular classic authors and creations to create new, mind-bending genre interpretations. The series will continue next year with Monstrous Little Voices: Five new stories from the fantastic world of Shakespeare, which will publish on April 23rd 2016 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s passing.