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No Man's World: Omnibus

Released 10 March 2015

By Pat Kelleher

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On November 1st 1916, 900 men disappeared from the battlefields of the Somme. This is their story.

When Thomas ‘Only’ Atkins signed up to fight for King and Country, half the boys he grew up with ended up fighting alongside him. The 13th Battalion of the Pennine Fusiliers were a ‘Pal’s Brigade,’ a whole town transposed to the Somme together to the Front’s relentless need to warm bodies. They also disappeared from the face of the Earth on the 1st November, along with nearly half a mile of mud and trenches, a Sopwith and a tank.

Finding themselves on a terrifying alien world, Tommy and his mates have to contend with man-eating plants, ravening beasts and the eerie, insectile Chatts – to say nothing of a sinister, arcane threat from within their own ranks…

Pat Kelleher’s iconic series for Abaddon Books brought to life the familiar monochrome images of the Flanders trenches, transporting them to a vivid Technicolor alien world that brought back the spirit of early-twentieth-century pulp SF, a “death world” that would have made Edgar Rice Burroughs proud, with insectoid aggressors, savage humans and plants and animals alike that kill with shocking ease.

No Man’s World presents all three novels from this series – Black Hand Gang, The Ironclad Prophecy and The Alleyman – along with a new introduction from the author and exclusive, never-before-seen extra content.

With the impending 100 year anniversary of the battle coming next year there has never been a better time to discover this fantastic series; often beautiful and poignant Kelleher’s aptitude for world building and dialogue mean the unique worlds he has blended here jump from the page.


Pat Kelleher

Pat Kelleher is a freelance writer with many magazine, radio and animation credits to his name. He has also published several children's non-fiction and fiction titles, including the acclaimed No Man's Land fantasy series for Abaddon. His passion for nature has also lead him to become the RSPB's storyteller of choice for their youth magazine, Wild Times, for which he has written for for several years. 

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