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Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter and self-described 'penmonkey'. He sold his first story when he was 18. After working in the computer and role-playing game industries he began scripting TV- and film-projects, including a horror film script which won him a place at the prestigous Sundance Screenwriter Lab 2010. He currently lives in the wilds of Pennsyltucky with a wonderful wife and two very stupid dogs.

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Double Dead

Released 10 November 2011

By Chuck Wendig

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You’re a vampire and you’ve just woken up. You’re hungry. It’s time to feed. The problem is that while you’ve been napping, the zombie apocalypse has broken out – and your food source is rapidly dwindling...

Introducing the freshest new concept in the undead – Double Dead, by international bestseller Chuck Wendig.

Coburn the vampire becomes an unlikely shepherd with a shotgun as he tries to look after his last remaining food supply in the face of a zombie onslaught.

A thrilling chase across a zombie-infested America – with a twist – Wendig’s first novel is a fantastically entertaining, blood-thirsty, brain-guzzling first novel.

“A bloodthirsty ride through zombie-infested Route 66. Chuck Wendig gives horror fans EXACTLY what they need in this slick, cross-genre romp.”
– Wayne Simmons, author of the best-selling Flu and Drop Dead Gorgeous

About the Series
Rotten bone and raddled flesh, shuffling perils and moaning menaces – Tomes of the Dead reimagines the zombie genre not as an endless retread of the same tired themes, but as a prism crack’d, exploring the gut-churning, flesh-biting world of the shambling dead from a new, different and unexpected direction every time – from Roman zombies to zombie gumshoes and zombie romance to ... hell, if you haven’t seen a Romanian Elvis impersonator squaring off against a green-glowing space zombie, then Tomes of the Dead will be a terrifying, fresh-from-the-grave revelation.

UK: 9781907519444 | 15th November 2011
US: 9781907992414 | 10th November 2011


Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits

Released 9 May 2013

By Chuck Wendig

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The master of in-your-face visceral horror, Chuck Wendig, returns to Abaddon Books with a brand new title and a brand new world that is not to be missed – Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits!

The gods and goddesses are real. A many-headed pantheon—a tangle of divine hierarchies—once kept the world at arm’s length, warring with one another for mankind’s belief and devotion. It was a grim and bloody balance, but a balance just the same. When one god triumphed, driving all other gods out of Heaven, it was back to the bad old days: cults and sycophants, and the terrible retribution the gods visit on those who spite them.

Five years ago, it all went wrong for Cason Cole. He lost his wife and son, lost everything, and was bound into service to a man who chews up human lives and spits them out. Now, as the man he both loves and hates lies dying at his feet, Cason is finally free. And no gods, demi-gods, acolyte, or monstrous abomination is going to stop him from getting back what’s his...

Wendig is a massive talent with a huge online following and Gods and Monsters is a brand new world he has created for Abaddon Books. Pat Kelleher is to continue the series with the e-title Gods and Monsters: Drag Hunt, which will launch online on the same day as Unclean Spirits.

“If you’re looking for a sassy, hard-boiled thriller with a paranormal slant, Wendig has established himself as the go-to man.”
-The Guardian

 “Chuck Wendig has raised the bar of the urban fantasy genre”
-New York Journal of Books on Blackbirds

UK: 9781781080955 | 9th May 2013
US: 9781781080962 | 9th May 2013


Tomes of the Dead: The Complete Double Dead

Released 9 February 2016

By Chuck Wendig


You wouldn’t like Coburn. People don’t, as a rule; he’s not a nice man. And that’s okay, because he doesn’t like people much either. People are food. You see, Coburn’s a vampire, and has been for close on a century.

Five years ago, Coburn went to sleep – wasn’t exactly planned – and he’s just woken up to find most everybody in the world dead. And not cool, interesting dead like him; oh, no. Coburn looks basically human, and these guys... really don’t. He likes blood, and they like flesh. He’s smart; them, not so much. But they outnumber him by about a million to one, and their clotted blood cannot sustain him.

Now he’s starving, and on the run, and more pissed-off than a beestung rattlesnake. The vampire has to find blood, soon, and – like it or not – he’s gonna have to keep an eye on the frail flesh-bags he finds it in. Time for the wolf to turn shepherd.

No, Coburn doesn’t like people. But he’s gonna have to learn to.

The Complete Double Dead collects Chuck Wendig’s first novel and the follow-up novella, Bad Blood. Follow Coburn as he runs a gauntlet of supermarket cannibals, juggalos, super-zombies, and a ketamine-trip cult of zombie-worshipping New Age weirdos. It’s a road that’ll take him right back to himself, and onto the trail of his own vampiric sire. And on the way, he’ll become something entirely new.

Also includes the Tomes of the Dead novella Dead Stop by Mark Clapham!