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Liquid Crystal Nightingale by Eeleen Lee

Released 17 March 2020

Liquid Crystal Nightingale by Eeleen Lee is out now!


Pleo Tanza is an outcast, even among the struggling masses on Chatoyance, the once-great space colony she calls home.
When Pleo is unjustly accused of murdering the only daughter of a powerful industrial family, she’s thrown into a desperate race to clear her name.
After decades of intrigues and treachery, and facing a resurgent threat from a shadowy alien enemy, Chatoyance is ready to explode - and this could be the spark that triggers it.

A genre-bending white-knuckle thriller science fiction series – perfect for fans of Yoon Ha Lee’s Hexarchate trilogy, James SA Corey’s Expanse or Iain M Banks’ Culture books

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