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2 years ago

Abaddon Books, Rebellion Publishing's cutting-edge imprint for smart and subversive fiction, is thrilled to announce that it will be publishing Dracula: Rise of the Beast, an exciting new anthology of stories exploring the secret history of the world's most iconic monster. 

Five new and established authors with roots in Central and Eastern Europe reveal a side to Vlad III Dracula, Voivode of Wallachai that many do not know. Including stories from Adrian Tchaikovsky, Bogi Takacs, Caren Gussoff Sumption, Emil Minchev, and Milena Benini. 

Contributing authors had this to say about the anthology

"I'm delighted to have the chance to write about one of gothic fiction's most enduring characters."
Adrian Tchaikovsky.

"It's great to finally see a bunch of Dracula stories from people who did not grow up with the idea of Vampire as a horrifying stranger, but rather as a creature that pops up in the neighbourhood."
Milena Benini.

"The character of Count Dracula is a legendary icon not only in the horror genre, but in literature in general and it a pleasure, an honour and a privilege to be a part of his hallowed legacy."
Emil Minchev.

Editor, David Thomas Moore commented: 

"Putting this account together has been an extraordinary journey, working with some remarkable talents. I hope you enjoy it (it is, in all respects, completely true)." 

Dracula: Rise of the Beast is out from Abaddon Books in March and is available to pre-order now. Read on for more about the book and click the links below to order your copy. 

Dracula: Rise of the Beast
Ed. David Thomas Moore


It is well known that the cruel, ambitious monster of Bram Stoker's most famous novel was once Vlad III Dracula, Voivode of Wallachia — the Impaler to his enemies. A warlike leader in a warlike time: brilliant, charismatic, pious, and ferociously devoted to his country. 

But what came of him? What drove him to become a creature of darkness — an un-dead — and what use did he make of this power, through the centuries before his downfall?

Five new and established authors with roots in Central and Eastern Europe reveal a side to the literary world's greatest monster never seen before. 

Dracula: Rise of The Beast is available for pre-order now!
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