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Legacy's Price

Released 21 May 2012

By Matthew Sprange


Lucius Kane, thief and Shadowmage, now rules over the thieves’ guild in the city of Turnitia. The new ruling lord has proven willing to work with the thieves, and relations with the beggars and Shadowmages guilds are relaxed and friendly.

Now, however, an ancient artefact calls to Lucius, one that will unlock the secrets of his own heritage. But such power inevitably attracts others, determined to harness its mystical energies for their own ends; and a game of brinksmanship erupts between the two great empires, Vos and Pontaine.Will Lucius be prepared to pay his legacy’s price and find out who he truly is?


Matthew Sprange

With a solid history in roleplaying design, Matthew Sprange has written over two dozen gaming books, including the Babylon 5, Judge Dredd and Starship Troopers games, and has won two Origins Awards for his work in miniature wargames. Death Hulk is his second novel, with his first being a trip into the Babylon 5 universe, entitled Visions of Peace.