Abaddon Books



Released 19 August 2010

By Paul Finch


Ranulf, a young English knight sent to recapture Grogen Castle from Welsh rebels, comes into conflict with his leaders over their brutal methods. Unbeknownst to any of them, the native druids are planning a devastating counterattack, using an ancient artifact to summon an army that even the castle’s superstitious medieval defenders could never have imagined.

Grogen Castle, seemingly impregnable to assault – armed with fiendish devices to slaughter would-be attackers in their multitudes – is besieged by countless, tireless soldiers forged from bone and raddled flesh. As lives are held in the balance, Ranulf must defy his masters and rescue the daughter of his enemy, but hope lasts only so long as the stronghold holds out against the legions of the angry dead...

“Paul Finch is consistently inventive. Consistently excellent.”
Simon Clark, author of The Fall and Vampyrrhic



Paul Finch

Paul Finch is a former cop and journalist, now turned full time writer. He first cut his literary teeth penning episodes of the British TV crime drama, The Bill, and has written extensively in the field of children's animation. However, he is probably best known for his work in horror.

To date, he's had ten books and nearly 300 stories and novellas published on both sides of the Atlantic. His first collection, Aftershocks, won the British Fantasy Award in 2002, while he won the award again in 2007 for his novella, Kid. Later in 2007, he won the International Horror Guild Award for his mid-length story, The Old North Road. Most recently, he has written two Doctor Who audio dramas for Big Finish and is now busy writing a third. His no-holds-barred cop novel, The Nice Guys' Club, will be published later this year.

Paul lives in Wigan, Lancashire, with his wife Cathy and his children, Eleanor and Harry.