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2 years ago

Abaddon Books, Rebellion Publishing’s cutting edge-imprint for smart and subversive fiction, is thrilled to announce a new series in the Dredd-verse. Judges is a collection of stories from Abaddon Books exploring the very beginnings of the Judges, years before the Atomic Wars and the construction of Mega-City One!

In an utterly familiar world, just a few years away from our own, the series will interrogate due process, race, class, the militarization of the police and surveillance culture as it asks us: What sort of world will eventually give rise to the totalitarian Judge Dredd?

Commissioned by Abaddon’s David Thomas Moore and overseen by series editor Michael Carroll – one of the current writers on the Judge Dreddcomic series – the series will begin with Carroll’s novella The Avalanche, due out in May 2018, followed by When the Light Lay Still by newcomer Charles J Eskew in August 2018. A third, as-yet-unannounced novella will be released along with a collected Judges volume in January 2019.

David Thomas Moore had this to say: 

“The Judges of Mega-City One are a strange breed; an utterly horrifying sort of hero. What is the appeal? What would they look like today, on our streets? Judges will be one of the more challenging things I’ve ever worked on, and I’m hugely proud of it.”

The Judges series will begin in 2018. Read on for more about the series and keep an eye out for further announcements! 



In a time of widespread poverty, inequality and political unrest, Eustace Fargo’s controversial new justice laws have come into effect.

Protests and violence meet the first judges as they hit the street to enforce the Law; the cure, it’s clear is far worse than the disease.

Is this a sign of things to come?

About the Authors:

Michael Carroll is the author of about thirty books, including the acclaimed New Heroes series of superhero novels for the Young Adult market. He currently writes Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. Other works include Jennifer Blood for Dynamite Entertainment, Razorjack for Titan Books (co-written with artist John Higgins) and a series of Judge Dredd e-novellas for Abaddon Books. A self-confessed expert in self-confession, Mike lives in Dublin, Ireland, with his wife Leonia and their ungrateful imaginary children Tesseract and Pineapple. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in illiterature and a mistress’s degree in fidelity. In his spare time he worries that there are still actual grown-up adults who don’t eat the crusts on their bread. Visit his marginally awesome website at www.michaelowencarroll.com

Charlie J Eskew is a writer from Columbus, OH. He is a professional comic book shop lurker, and tenured Black dude in America. Please find an unnatural obsession with him via Twitter @CJEskew or his site, www.askeweskew.com.