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Gods & Monsters: Snake Eyes

Released 6 December 2016

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Florida s Everglades: sleepy and backwoods, beautiful, dangerous... and home to an ages-old war between the Gorgons and the Lamia.

Tanis Barlas is, in no particular order, a daughter of Lamia, a snake-woman, a killer, and a hunter, collecting men to mate with her mother and continue the precious line. She hates it, like she hates her messed-up family and everything that goes with it.

But now Lamia s favourite daughter has gone missing, and it's down to Tanis to bring her back. Sheis dispatchedto enemy territory the snake-haired gorgons, whose turf stars at the edge of the swamp to find her, starting a chain of events that will change every part of her life...

UK ISBN: 9781781084960
US ISBN: 9781781084960