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Happy publication day alt.sherlock.holmes

3 years ago

The game's afoot friends: alt.sherlock.holmes, Abaddon's collection of new adventures starring the great detective himself, is out today. Hooray!

We're taking Sherlock on a trip through time and space, where he - or is it she? - takes on cases in Hollywood, in '60s New York and in a dustbowl carnival.

Sound good? Of course it flippin' well does - read on to find out more about the stories contained within alt.sherlock.holmes, and then grab yourself a copy via the links at the bottom...

A Study in Starlets by Gini Koch

Sherlock Holmes and her new partner Dr. John Watson are settling in as roommates and consulting detectives in their new home in Los Angeles, when notorious reality starlet Irene Adler comes to call, asking for their help solving an extraordinary—and embarrassing—theft.

As a thoroughly smitten Watson closes the door on Adler’s back, TV producers Joey Jackson and Tony Antonelli call on the pair. Their partner, Cliff Camden, has disappeared without a trace on the eve of filming for the new show; rumour has it he’s taken off with their money. The LAPD aren’t interested and Watson has nothing but contempt for the three, but Holmes takes the case.

As they pick their way amongst the grumbling crew, the neurotic actors and the low-level sleaze that permeates the city, it starts to become clear the two cases are connected—when a murder turns everything on its head...

The Case of the Tattooed Bride by Jamie Wyman

Winter, and the Soggiorno Brothers’ Traveling Wonder Show has pulled into its berth in Peru, Indiana; Sanford “Crash” Haus, proprietor and genius, and his friend, surgeon and retired soldier Jim “Dandy” Walker, are looking forward to a quiet few months.

But then the Show’s old manager, Professor Sylvestri, comes into town, his ward in tow, and happily, too, because the Strong Man and the Tattooed Lady have just announced their betrothal, and the good Professor happens to be a minister. Preparations for the happy day begin, but it seems violence and misfortune attend on them...

The Power of Media by Glen Mehn

1968, a time of change: the Black Panthers, the Stonewall riots, student protests, women’s liberation. Newly famous, Sherlock Holmes – the detective over the bakery on Avenue B – is much in demand.

Amid the steady stream of cases, Holmes becomes caught up in a string of seemingly innocuous stories. His landlady, the hardworking baker Mrs. Hendrix, is worried that her nephew has fallen in with a bad crowd. Madame Ondine, a notorious drag queen from Andy Warhol’s Factory, has apparently quit drugs and cleaned up his act. Dr. Bill, a mathematician and physicist, thinks his academic rivals are somehow stealing his notes.

The New Left is a turbulent, passionate, occasionally dangerous place at the best of times, but Holmes is on the trail of something darker. Something deadly...

alt.sherlock.holmes is out now!